• Air Hose Reels

    Air Hose Reels

    Hose reels wound with compressed air hoses. Various types are available.

  • Outlet Cord Reels

    Outlet Cord Reels

    Spring driven extension cord reel.

  • Outlet Cord Reels with Light

    Outlet Cord Reels with Lights

    Product sets that combines the outlet cord reel and hand lamp.

  • Control Cord Reels

    Control Switch Reels

    Control cord reels that bring various equipment switch controls conveniently on hand.

  • Water Hose Reels

    Water Hose Reels

    Ideal for garden center, car wash, detail shops.

  • High Pressured Water Hose Reels

    High pressure Water Hose Reels

    Suitable for hot water and pressurized water applications.

  • Oxy-acetylene Reels

    Oxy-acetylene Hose Reels

    Reels wound with twin oxygen and acetylene hoses. Used in a variety of worksite jobs.

  • Electric Welding Reels

    Electric Welding Cord Reels

    Reels for winding arc welding cables. Improves the working environment and enables safer operations.

  • Oil/Greese Hose Reels

    Oil/Grease Hose Reels

    Ideal for all oil delivery applications.

Combination Reels

  • Combination Reels (Twin-kle2)

    Combination Reels (Twin-kle2)

    Combine and add on however you like. A combination style reel only from TRIENS.

Reel Box

  • Reel Boxes (LUMI-PACK)

    Reel Box (LUMI-PACK)

    Primarily for storing multiple small reels, providing an eye-catching visual impact for the workplace.

Oil Associated

  • Oil Related Equipment

    Lube Items

    An introduction to various instruments for providing such oils as engine and work oils.


  • Utilities


    Various equipment and tools recommended by TRIENS.

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